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The following table summarizes the release schedule and key features, including details for previous versions:



Release Date Version Updates
05/17/2023 3.0.1080
  • Enhancement: Install Application Packs post deployment without requiring Client authentication
  • Enhancement: Last client heartbeat visible in Patch Management view
  • Enhancement: Improved filtering in libraries and Computer Management
  • Enhancement: Multiple Answer File support for WDS boot media
  • Fix: Arithmetic overflow on some devices when extracting packages
  • Fix: Update for localized time zone identification in Answer File
  • Fix: File deletion in Application Pack adding a new file and saving
  • Fix: Improved offline detection for trial
03/02/2023 3.0.1070
  • Enhancement: Per-user uninstall string and uninstall process
  • Enhancement: Null uninstall strings will attempt to uninstall software utilizing value in registry on selected computer
  • Fix: Improved performance on Software Management grouping
01/19/2023 3.0.1065
  • Fix: Updated SmartPE version to fix driver injection
  • Fix: Export from Software Management
01/18/2023 3.0.1060
  • Enhancement: Update desktop and ASP.NET runtimes to .NET 6
  • Enhancement: Update Configure Office 365 Application Pack task to be more dynamic and include latest Office versions
  • Enhancement: Group items by name in Software Management
  • Enhancement: Duplicate message detection
  • Enhancement: Various security improvements
  • Fix: Image Select and Description page skip button issues
  • Fix: Do not stop on invalid SmartDeploy.config file
  • Fix: Correct multiple authentication requests when editing Answer File
  • Fix: Single digit pack versions breaking Uploaded To column
10/12/2022 3.0.1050
  • Enhancement: Remote Wipe option from Computer Management
  • Enhancement: Additional Time Zones added to Deploy/Answer File Wizard
  • Enhancement: Added Logged in User column to Patch Management
  • Enhancement: Additional status details in Patch Management
  • Enhancement: Enable Microsoft Update from Patch Management
  • Enhancement: Detect and display icon for out-of-date Cloud Items
  • Enhancement: Option to utilize a folder or admin share when deploying from Computer Management
  • Enhancement: Upgraded MongoDB to version 6
  • Fix: Improved detection of Platform Pack when deploying drivers from Computer Management
  • Fix: Various security fixes
  • Fix: Ensure Local Administrator Password is retained when set in Capture Wizard
  • Fix: Fix for drivers not being installed in some instances when executing a driver deployment from Computer Management
  • Fix: Fixed for extra devices being selected when actioning a computer from the Computer Details pane
  • Note: Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2 are supported as of this version, with no changes needed.
7/20/2022 3.0.1045
  • Enhancement: Answer File Wizard/Deploy Wizard: Changes to enable app deployment page
  • Fix: V2 to V3 upgrade path fix
  • Fix: Known issue w/PPK failing to apply in certain scenarios with offline deployment media
5/18/2022 3.0.1040
  • Enhancement: Patch Management functionality with overall view of clients that require Windows Updates
  • Enhancement: Software Management Top 10 installed report
  • Enhancement: Increased per file max upload size for OneDrive to 250GB
  • Enhancement: Add /norestart to MSI uninstall in Software Management
  • Fix: Media Wizard <4gb image="image" file="file" copy="copy" fix="fix"></4gb>
  • Fix: Fix for Office 365 task text encoding (Norwegian Bokmål)
  • Fix: Add all Application Packs to all Answer Files with multiple answer file media
  • Fix: Add SDClientService.log to Collect Logs
  • Fix: Improved uninstall completion tracking
  • Fix: Escape special characters in wireless password
  • Fix: Name missing from Computer Export CSV
  • Update: Core .NET components to 3.1.23
2/1/2022 3.0.1030
  • Enhancement: Software Management view, to see an automatic inventory of installed software on clients, and uninstall software remotely from one or multiple clients.
  • Enhancement: Redesigned Computer Management view with new Computer Details pane, to see more information by clicking on a client computer name
  • Enhancement: Large ISO files (2TB) can now be created in Media Wizard
  • Enhancement: Create USB or ISO media containing multiple answer files - user can select the from the list of available answer files in SmartPE (USB/ISO only)
  • Enhancement: Client static IP address maintained from push deployment into SmartPE and set in Windows post deployment automatically
  • Fix: Improved client uninstall message processing
11/04/2021 3.0.1020
  • Windows 11 Support
  • Update computer name in license tracking when ClientService detects a change
  • Fix: Additional update for media expiration
9/21/2021 3.0.1015
  • Fixed bug for unattended deployment stopping in some scenarios
9/17/2021 3.0.1010
  • Enhancement: Configurable API service port
  • Enhancement: Manual client update process
  • Enhancement: Removal of client service/console service version checking on deployment
  • Enhancement: Retain existing application settings from JSON files on upgrade
  • Enhancement: Remove initial authentication from offline Console support 
  • Fixed bug: Corrected x86 client service versioning
  • Fixed bug: Better support for groups when utilizing multiple consoles
  • Fixed bug: Clean up temporary files during deployments with application packs
  • Fixed bug: International datetime deployment scheduling improvements
  • Fixed bug: Improved handling of overwriting on upload to Box
  • Fixed bug: Fix for media over 30 days old prompting for internet connectivity
  • Fixed bug: Remove WDS multicast prompt with unattended deployments
  • Fixed bug: Adjustment to internet connection check
8/5/2021 3.0.1005
  • Enhancement: Console will now automatically authenticate Cloud
  • Enhancement: Added Api service URL validation
  • Fixed bug causing Application Packs to install alphabetically
  • Fixed bug causing problems when authenticating to console
  • Fixed bug regarding viewing groups in console
  • Fixed bug preventing applying of static IP in SmartPE
07/13/2021 3.0.1000
  • Major architectural updates resulting in higher efficiency, security, and reliability for customers.
  • Computer Management: See the current logged on user and last logged on user
  • Computer Management: View Message History of actions taken on a device from the console
  • New cloud-only option for client devices
  • Improved Proxy settings
  • New instant SmartDeploy Console service health check
  • Support for multiple administrators connecting to single SmartDeploy console service
03/17/2021 2.0.3090
  • Platform Packs: Fixed bug causing error when searching for Platform Packs
  • SmartDeploy Client: Fixed bug causing repeating errors in Application log
  • SmartDeploy Client: Fixed bug causing repeat deployments to cloud clients on wireless
  • Computer Management: Fixed bug related to scheduling deployments on non-US date format
10/14/2020 2.0.3085
  • Windows 10 version 20H2 support
  • Deploy Wizard: Improved randomization of computer naming
  • Application Packs: Fix for choosing O365 Channel Names
  • Application Packs: Filters correctly apply after each task
  • Deploy Wizard: Fix for trial user deployments stuck on "Initializing deployment..."
06/12/2020 2.0.3080
  • Windows 10 version 2004 support
  • Application Pack Wizard to assist with creating Application Packs
  • Application Packs: Updated Installations filter
  • Application Packs: Added ALLUSERS checkbox to MSI task
  • Google Drive: Fix for unlimited storage accounts
  • Box: Improvements for upload

    More details
  • Computer Management: Added action to Rename Computer
  • Computer Management: Added action to Join Domain
  • Computer Management: Check for Deep Freeze frozen status and block deployment
  • Push Deployment: Disable BitLocker when deploying

    More details 
11/27/2019 2.0.3065
  • Fix for race condition when configuring HTTPS certificates 
11/15/2019 2.0.3060
  • Improved security through utilization of TLS/HTTPS
  • Application Manager: New task to automate Office365 installations
  • Application Manager: New task to simplify MSI package installations
  • Application Manager: Prompt User added to Reboot task
  • Application Packs: Type added for Application or Script
  • Driver deployment through Console now runs all tasks, including BIOS updates
  • Activities: Advanced Mode for single click options

    More details
07/19/2019 2.0.3050
  • Application Deployment RTM
  • Remote scripts in Application Packs
  • New Task Types in Application Packs
  • Box cloud storage integration
  • Cloud enabled User Data Migration

    More details
04/08/2019 2.0.3040
  • Bundle Application Packs with image deployment
  • User Data Migration to a different computer
  • Usability improvements

    More details
01/16/2019 2.0.3030
  • Windows 10 version 1809 Support
  • New Feature: Imaging over the Internet
  • New Feature: Application Deployment
  • New Feature: Reports
  • Wireless Deployment Support

    More details
09/11/2018 2.0.3020
  • Simplified account activation
  • Create multiple USB media in single Media Wizard session
  • Driver update via cloud storage
  • Option to change from Legacy BIOS to UEFI during deployment
07/10/2018 2.0.3010
  • Windows 10 version 1803 Support
  • Auto-login option added to Answer File
  • New Feature: Update Drivers

    More details
04/06/2018 2.0.3000
  • New Console and wizard interface
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Support for UEFI virtual disk capture

    More details
10/29/2017 2.0.2097
  • New Platform Pack Library Search
  • New Computer Management Controls
  • New Advanced Proxy Server Configurations

    More details


For more details, and information on older versions, please see our Release Notes document. 

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