Can I deploy Windows 11 to a computer using a Windows 10 Platform Pack?

How does SmartDeploy handle Windows 10/11 Platform Packs?

As of this writing, there is significant overlap between Windows 10 and Windows 11 drivers, and some manufacturers have decided to make only a single driver set available which supports both. As with previous OS transitions, this has created a challenge for SmartDeploy, as we want to make sure our Platform Pack library listings are simple and make sense for all users without creating separate, redundant Windows 10 and Windows 11 packs for the same device, which would mostly contain identical files.

Here's how SmartDeploy (3.0.1020 or later) handles Windows 10 packs with Windows 11:

  1. You can attempt to use a Windows 10 Platform Pack when deploying a Windows 11 image, and SmartDeploy will treat a Windows 10 pack as a valid match in that situation. You may also attempt to Deploy Drivers and Firmware Updates to a Windows 11 endpoint in Computer Management, using a Windows 10 Platform Pack.
  2. If a Windows 10 pack is all that is available, it may be up to date with Windows 11 drivers already. But if you're unsure or want to check on the status of a particular pack, you can always submit a Platform Pack request, and we will either create a Windows 11 pack or tell you that the existing Windows 10 pack will work just fine.
  3. Deploying Windows 11 to a device model with a Windows 10 Platform Pack will often work just fine. The device model must meet the Windows 11 hardware specifications. We recommend testing on a single unit first, and be prepared to reimage the device again with Windows 10 if your Windows 11 image does not successfully deploy to this model.

What if I have packs for both operating systems available?

If you are deploying a Windows 11 image to an endpoint, and your Platform Packs directory contains both a Windows 10 and a Windows 11 Platform Pack for the target PC model, then the Windows 11 pack will be used.

If you are deploying a Windows 11 image to an endpoint, and only a Windows 10 pack is available, then the Windows 10 pack will be used.

You do not need to take any action or update your answer file for either of these behaviors - SmartDeploy will detect and use the appropriate pack automatically.

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