Step 1: Configure Your Workstation

Review the SmartDeploy System Requirements 

Please review the System Requirements article in our User's Guide, which covers the required permissions and ports and other recommendations for SmartDeploy.  

Install the SmartDeploy Console

  1. Create an account, and sign in at
  2. Navigate to, review the Release Notes, and then download SDESetup.exe.
  3. Double-click SDESetup.exe, and then follow the prompts.
    Note: You may be prompted to install other components, such as WAIK. After installation, a new folder structure is created in C:\SmartDeploy.
  4. After installation, click Start > All Programs > SmartDeploy > SmartDeploy to open the SmartDeploy Console.
  5. When the SmartDeploy Console opens, sign in. Enter the credentials of the account that you created at in step 1. 
  6. Click the Remember me check box to stay signed in, and then click OK.

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