System Requirements

Workstation and Operating System Requirements
For SmartDeploy Console Host and Client workstation requirements, as well as supported virtualization platforms, please see the SmartDeploy Release Notes.

Network Requirements
SmartDeploy requires the following ports to be open in-between the SmartDeploy Console Host and Clients to enable full-feature functionality:

  • TCP 443 - HTTPS
  • TCP 8080 - SmartDeploy V3 API Service
  • Note: Port 80 and TCP Ports 8732-8737 were required for SmartDeploy V2 only. They are no longer required in SmartDeploy V3. 


In addition to the ports listed above, the SmartDeploy Console must also be able to reach the following URLs:

  • *

Additional Recommendations
Various SmartDeploy actions are often incorrectly flagged as malicious by third-party antivirus software. You may need to white-list SmartDeploy components on the Console Host for certain activities to be performed. We also recommend that you avoid installing any third-party antivirus software on your Reference Virtual Machine and instead use an Application Pack to install the software as part of deployment.



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