How can I migrate my SmartDeploy Console application from one host system to another?

This article is intended to help you move your existing SmartDeploy Console Application from one host system to another as well as migrate your endpoints to the new SmartDeploy Console host.

  1. Make a backup of your current SmartDeploy directory (Note C:\SmartDeploy is the default but you could be using D:\ or E:\SmartDeploy)
  2. Configure your new SmartDeploy console system by downloading and installing the Console application.
  3. Move the files from your previously backed up SmartDeploy directory to the corresponding locations on the new SmartDeploy directory. 
  4. If a library is missing any files, you can bring the files back into the application by "rebuilding the library". Note, you cannot rebuild the library for deployment packages, you will need to recreate deployment packages and boot media. You can read more about when it is necessary to rebuild your SmartDeploy media here: When do I need to re-create my SmartDeploy media?2024-05-21_16-08-07.jpg
  5. Recreate your Answer Files to ensure they have the correct console hostname and are using correct credentials for the new host system. 
  6. Next, you will need to point the endpoints that were reporting to the old console host system to the new one. See the attached PowerShell script to assist with that. You'll need to download the script, open the script in a text editor or PowerShell ISE, and modify the $servername variable to have the new console host system server name. Then save the file as a .PS1 file and run it as admin on the endpoints. Please test with a small subset of endpoints before rolling out to larger groups.2024-05-21_16-21-10.jpg
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