How can I view the files I've uploaded to cloud storage?

If you connect your SmartDeploy console to cloud storage, SmartDeploy will have the ability to create and modify the files in a SmartDeploy folder in your cloud storage account.

For Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, these files and folders can be accessed by browsing to the "SmartDeploy" folder.

Google Drive:




For, the content uploaded by the SmartDeploy app can be viewed in the Box Admin Console, under Content | Content Manager. 

Please note that as of this writing, only permits users at the Business Plus, Enterprise, and Elite level to access the Content Manager. For users at other tiers, it is not possible to view the content uploaded by the SmartDeploy app, but it will still count toward your storage usage. In order to remove the SmartDeploy app and associated content from a account, you would need to contact support.

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