How can I check whether a client with a Local connection is able to communicate with the SmartDeploy Console?

Starting in SmartDeploy V3, you can easily check the health of the connection to the SmartDeploy console from an endpoint with the SmartDeploy Client installed. This test is intended to verify the health of endpoints that are on the same local network as the SmartDeploy Console, which are intended to appear with a Local connection type in Computer Management. This test will not succeed on Cloud-connected clients.

From the endpoint, open a web browser and browse to https://[console hostname]:8080/health. For example, if your console hostname is ImageServer, the URL would be:

If a blank page with the word Healthy appears, then the client has healthy communications with the SmartDeploy Console.
If the page fails to load, then the client does not have healthy communications with the SmartDeploy Console.

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