Shell-Setup Error during Sysprep

This error typically means that there’s a Windows product key issue, specifically a mistyped key or an incorrect SKU.

If the Windows product key is incorrect and you provided the product key during the capture of the image, it is hard coded into the WIM, and you’ll need to recapture. 

If you're entering the product key during the deployment phase, confirm that you typed the product key correctly and that it matches the version and edition of Windows that you’re trying to deploy.

If you skipped specifying the product key in the Capture Wizard, the Answer File Wizard will detect this and prompt you to specify the product key. This can be an easy way to retest your product key if you're unsure of the problem.

If you boot to the device back into the SmartDeploy boot environment and click Collect Logs, you can look at the\GOLDENIMAGE\HARDDISK0PARTITION4 C\Windows\Panther\UnattendGC\setuperr.log file in the ZIP file that's created to see the product key that was used. 

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