Add Files to an existing Image (.wim) File

You can add files for your image WIM file without having to recapture the image by using the SmartWIM command-line tool in the Tools workspace of the SmartDeploy Console to mount and browse the files and folders.

  1. Copy your image WIM file to your SmartDeploy Console host if it is not already there, and make note of this path for use later.
  2. Open the SmartDeploy Console, and switch to the Tools workspace.
  3. Click the CMD Prompt tile.
  4. Create a new folder to mount your image into, by using the mkdir command:
    mkdir D:\Mount
  5. Use the smartwim /info command to determine which index in your WIM file contains the Windows file system:
    smartwim /info D:\Images\Windows10(x64)1909.wim
  6. Use the smartwim /mount command to mount your image:
     smartwim /mount D:\Images\Windows10(x64)1909.wim 2 D:\Mount
  7. You can now use File Explorer to browse the Windows file system of your image at the folder that you specified in the previous step.
  8. Once you’ve finished adding or changing files on your image, you can unmount the image, committing changes with the smartwim /unmount command: smartwim /commit /unmount D:\Mount
    : If you wish to unmount your image, discarding all changes, you can omit the /commit switch of the command. 
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