Why does a computer in the SmartDeploy License Report have the wrong computer name?

Prior to SmartDeploy version 3.0.1020, the assigned name of a licensed computer was collected at one time only: right at the end of the reimaging process. Whatever computer name existed at this time was the one that would appear on your license report, even if the computer name was changed (either manually or from Computer Management) afterward. The computer name would only be updated if the endpoint was reimaged again.

As of SmartDeploy 3.0.1020, the SmartDeploy Client Service has the capability to monitor for any change to the computer name and update the SmartDeploy License Report. In order to use this functionality, you must update the console and update the clients to SmartDeploy 3.0.1020 or later. Once that is complete, follow these instructions to rename the computer from the SmartDeploy Console or reimage the computer using the desired computer name. SmartDeploy offers several options for automated or manual computer naming. Please check the User’s Guide for details about computer naming.

Please note, because Computer Name is a value that can change as often as the user wishes to do so, we do not treat it as a unique identifier for hardware differentiation and license tracking purposes. We include the Computer Name on the License Report because many users have reported that they find it helpful, but there are other, more reliable identifiers such as SerialNumber that exist on the report as well, and we do recommend that you use these to identify specific machines with a greater degree of reliability.

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