How do I connect my console to another SmartDeploy console host?

When you install the SmartDeploy client onto an endpoint, the installer will contain the API Service URI for the specific SmartDeploy console where it will appear in Computer Management, and those clients will use that API Service URI to connect to the console over the same local network.

If you install additional SmartDeploy consoles onto other computers, those clients will not appear in Computer Management on those consoles. Each of these secondary consoles is running its own API Service (which it connects to using the local API Service URI: https://localhost:8080), and they will not display any clients in Computer Management without any clients reporting directly into those consoles.

However, it is possible to connect one or more secondary consoles to the API Service URI that is running on a different, primary console host, as long as both console hosts are on the same local network. By doing this, each secondary console can display and perform actions on those clients that are reporting into the Computer Management view of the primary console.

To set up a secondary console in this way, open the console. In the Sign in window, click to expand the Advanced menu, and change the SmartDeploy Api Service URL by replacing localhost with the hostname of the primary SmartDeploy console host that you want to connect to. For example, if your target console hostname is ImageServer, the URL would be: https://ImageServer:8080/

This feature is available for subscription users at the Pro level only. 

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