Can I perform console-initiated deployments in a Static IP environment?

Yes, the SmartDeploy Client will automatically collect static IP and DNS address information from the Windows OS of the endpoint where it is running. If the user performs a console-initiated deployment from the Computer Management view, the SmartDeploy Client will pass through this information to SmartPE, where it will be automatically applied to the same network adapter.

The network-based deployment will proceed automatically, and the same static IP and DNS information will be applied to the deployed OS.

This passthrough behavior will occur automatically for console-initiated deployments to all endpoints with a static IP address configured, as long as they are running SmartDeploy Client version 3.0.1030 or later, and is not intended to be user-configurable. You should not configure a static IP address in the answer file, as the static IP passthrough feature will supersede it.

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