Deploying an image to Disk 1

By default, SmartDeploy targets Disk 0 when it deploys your image. This setting is part of your image WIM metadata. If you need to deploy your image to Disk 1, you can use the VBS script that is attached to this article to change the setting.

  1. Make a copy of your image.
  2. Save the script that is attached to this article, and change the extension to .vbs.
  3. Make note of the name of the image.
    Note: You can step through the Answer File Wizard and select the image to see and copy the image name.
  4. Go to the Tools workspace of the SmartDeploy Console, and click CMD Prompt to open a SmartDeploy command prompt.
  5. Change the directory to the folder that contains the VBS script, and run this command:
    cscript.exe updatecustomdata-setdisk1.vbs {path to imagefile.wim} {imagename}
    Example: cscript.exe updatecustomdata-setdisk1.vbs D:\images\Windows10Test.wim Win10 v2004-BaseImage
  6. Confirm that the target disk number was updated by running this command:
    smartwim /info {path to imagefile.wim}
    You will see under the Custom Data note in the metadata output if the change was made successfully.
  7. Create a new answer file and new boot media, and then test your deployment.
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