Cloud Deployment Walk-Through

SmartDeploy Cloud Services enables unattended, repeatable cloud deployment to remote users regardless of network connection or VPN access. Deploy Windows images, Application Packs, and Platform Packs to the end user using your existing cloud storage provider. Follow the step-by-step cloud deployment guide below or walk-through it with Jeff in the video tutorial.

NOTE: This article assumes you have captured your image and are ready to upload it to cloud storage to image a computer that is not connected to your corporate network.


Step 1: Connect to Cloud Storage

Step 2: Upload a Cloud Package

Step 3: Create a Cloud-Connected Answer File

Step 4: Create a Deployment Package with your Cloud-Connected Answer File

Step 5: Create a SmartDeploy Client Installation Package

Step 6: Share your SDEClientSetup.msi for end-users to install: Client Installation - Manual

Step 7: Start a Console-Initiated Deployment


Watch the following video for a walk-through of the process outlined above:

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