What is a Platform Pack?

A Platform Pack is a compressed, single-instance stored file that contains device drivers and other platform-specific software for a specific make, model, and operating system of a target device. Platform Packs are merged with your captured reference image at deployment time, installing only the correct drivers for the specific target device. By separating the hardware layer from the operating system and applications, SmartDeploy makes it easier to maintain consistent desktop images for an entire organization, without tying specific images to specific hardware. 

You can use the Platform Pack Library tab and the Platform Manager to import, create, and maintain Platform Packs, as well as to see which operating systems and chipsets are supported (e.g., Windows 10 (x64)). These packs save you time by including the most current device drivers and support software for systems from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other major hardware manufacturers. They also contain the necessary selection filters and device driver settings to ensure that only the correct pack will be used for a particular device and all driver settings and required components will install properly for that device. 

If you need a Platform Pack that isn't available on the SmartDeploy website, you can request it by using the online request form. A valid support agreement is required to request modification or creation of a Platform Pack, and it counts as a support ticket. If you're an advanced user who has unique hardware support requirements, you can modify an existing Platform Pack or create a new Platform Pack. See our Create Your Own Custom Platform Pack article for more details.


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